Shipping agency business

Shipping agency operations are handled by our offices in Yokohama and Sakai and cover not only at the Hanshin Port (Kobe Port, Sakai-Semboku Port) and Keihin Port (Yokohama Port, Kawasaki Port), but also the other areas of Japan with a nationwide sub-agency network from Hokkaido to Okinawa, meeting customers’ needs by submitting various applications to government agencies and making arrangements such as pilots, tug boats, line handling and so on.

Mainly our customers are shipping companies and operators, but we are pleased to receive approach from vessel owners if we can arrange, as vessel’s owners agent, owner’s arrangement such as changes of vessel crew, supplies for vessel, sanitation certificate, AGM certificate, CTM delivery, arrangement of place for bunkering and repairs we can do depending on port regulations and procedures. Please contact us for details.